Excel to PPT by macro

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Sub Chart2PPT()
Dim objPPT As Object
Dim objPrs As Object
Dim objGraph As Object
Dim objDataSheet As Object
Dim rngData As Range
Dim intRow As Integer
Dim intCol As Integer

' excel chart data
Set rngData = Range("A1:J2")
' open powerpoint
Set objPPT = CreateObject("Powerpoint.application")
objPPT.Visible = True
' existing powerpoint pres
objPPT.Presentations.Open "C:\PPt\Call_volume.ppt"
' chart on slide 2
Set objPrs = objPPT.Presentations(1).slides(2)
' pointer to graph
Set objGraph = objPrs.Shapes(2).OLEFormat.Object.Application
' pointer to graphs data sheet
Set objDataSheet = objGraph.Datasheet
' transfer data
For intRow = 1 To rngData.Rows.Count
For intCol = 1 To rngData.Columns.Count
objDataSheet.Cells(intRow, intCol) = rngData.Cells(intRow, intCol)
' update to keep changes

' tidy up objects
Set rngData = Nothing
Set objGraph = Nothing
Set objDataSheet = Nothing
Set objPrs = Nothing
Set objPPT = Nothing
End Sub

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