Excel VBA Function assistance

Cells in a column could equal s1,s4,t4,b4,s5
The letter could be any of 10 set letters, and the number is hours so could be eg 1.23

I have the array formula [ ={SUM(IF(LEFT(Z$13:Z$308,1)="s",--MID(Z$13:Z$308,2,4)))} ] which works to add all the numbers after "s"

and I have the formula [ =SUMPRODUCT((MOD(ROW(Z$13:Z$308),2)=0)*(Z$13:Z$308)) ] whick works fine for adding numbers on every even row and
[ =SUMPRODUCT((MOD(ROW(Z$13:Z$308),2)=1)*(Z$13:Z$308)) ] for every odd.

What I am looking to setup is a combination of the two, so that is adds up all the numbers after, in this example the letter "s" but on every even row between Z$13:Z$308

VBA Function

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,

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