Excel VBA - Search Client Lastname and Firstname from Multiple Worksheets

By YL Wang ·
Help needed please! New in Excel VBA.
I would like to search client lastname and firstname from multiple sheets and display the heading and records of matched client's name, service date and payment. These fields are not necessary in the same column in each sheets, ie. lastname and firstname, service date, payment might be in column C, D, F, H in Sheet A, but in A,B, F & G in sheet B, so the way to identify these fields are from the sheet heading (1st row). Is this possible to do in VBA?
Thank you.

Ying-Ling Wang

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Anything is possible

by scott_heath In reply to Excel VBA - Search Client ...

If you throw enough code at it. But this sounds like it needs to be a database. Look at your sheets and design some tables out of the info, then import the data into Access (or Base) and create some forms and simple queries.


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Access is too slow

by YL Wang In reply to Anything is possible

Thank you, Scott. I did link the sheets to Access (not import, due to the live data), and search return is too slow. I know if I did import data, the search return will be faster, but the data is live and lives in excel.

Ying-Ling Wang

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Change solution

by scott_heath In reply to Access is too slow

Well, my suggestion was to change the whole solution. There will be a transition period, but in the end it will be better. To be honest I would try to put the data in SQL server and use an Access front end.

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