Excel Vlookups to separate Workbook - missing data

By RoxyH ·

I'm working with Microsoft Excel 2007.
I have 2 'Master Workbooks':

A Personell Workbook, with 50 different employees and their names, positions etc

A Job Workbook, with info on 20 different jobs captured in rows

I also have 50 separate 'PR' workbooks with employee Personel numbers entered into cell A1

Based on the personel numbers, there is a vlookup that brings in the personal details from the Personell Master Workbook - this works fine and updates automatically as the person ages or changes surname or job.

The second part of the lookup is supposed to lookup the job title and bring across other job info like performance areas, purpose etc

The 50 'PR' workbooks are set to auto update so that changes to the Masters are automatically reflected.


If the Job Mater Workbook is closed and I open up one of the 50 'PR' Workbooks, only some of the data is brought across to each cell from the Job Master i.e. sentences end midway etc

If I open the Master, then all the info is brought across. But the point is for employees to open their PR workbooks, and NOT the Master..

Please some bright spark help me out - is this just a memory problem? is there a limit to how much can be vlooked up? can i merge cells, will this allow for more data to be brought across?

I am at a complete loss!!!


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