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Excel window size at Open

By rhysgt ·
I have an Excel file that holds my generic macros and it launches from XLStart folder. I have it set to less than full screen but not fully minimized. Whenever any other workbook is opened, it too, opens in less than full screen despite previously closing and saving it maximized. If I set my macro-holding file to full screen, everything else behaves the same. It seems to be dictating how the others open. I want my macro file to launch less than full screen but other workbooks to load full screen. Any ideas short of some VB code?

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Excel does that with everything.

by DC Guy In reply to Excel window size at Open

Even the Macintosh version works that way. If your first window is less than full-screen, it assumes you want to be able to see them all. I'd like to see if anybody has a work-around for this.

For a long time I thought it was Mac-specific. Safari does the same thing.

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If you double click the title bar....

by geekchic In reply to Excel does that with ever ...

or select the maximize box to enlarge the page, Excel (and many other office programs) will not "remember" that you enlarged the page when you close and re-open the program.

If you place your cursor on the "edge" of the page and resize it using the little "two-way" arrow, it will "remember" the size change when you open it next time.

Not sure if your macro causes this to work differently but you might give it a try!!

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