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Excel2000 data entry for time in seconds

By antonjou ·
How do I enter stopwatch laptime in Excel cells, keeping seconds and minutes apart i.e. the following example:

My Stopwatch readout time was 1 minute 45 secs.
I want to enter it in an Excel cell as 1 and 45;
NOT as 1,75 or 1+ 0.75 or any decimal notion;
I want the seconds and minutes in the same cells in order to sort between different athletes

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Excel2000 data entry for ...

Well, one way I know of is to put the time in a single cell, then once you have all the times in for all the athletes, you can select the column with the times, and choose Data -> Text To Columns.
You then could say the column is Delimited, and choose the colon ":" as the field delimiter.
It then will put the minute in one column, and the seconds in another, using the colon and a field delimiter, to know where to cut the single column into 2.

hope this helps

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by DKlippert In reply to Excel2000 data entry for ...

From Chip Pearson's great discussion on Time and Dates:

If you want to add up minutes and seconds, you must include a leading "0:" in your data. For example, enter "0:10:20" to indicate 10 minutes, 20 seconds. When you sum these times, Excel will display the sum in "time-of-day" format, meaning that adding 0:40:10 and 0:30:20 will yield 1:10:30. You can prevent Excel form "rolling over" at the hour by formatting the result cell as [m]:ss which will cause it to display 70:30 rather than 1:10:30.

Another method of adding times is to use the TIME function. To add 1 hour, 35 minutes, 10 seconds to a time in A1, use the function
=A1 + TIME(1,35,10)

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