Excel97-Excel2007 Macro

By tflannery ·
Is there an easy way to convert a macro from Excel 97 to Excel 2007? We have many accounting accrual formulas that was in an old ancient Lotus Notes version which was then morphed into Excel97. The 2 users run this old version of Excel from our server. It needs to go.

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Sorry- but no

by Tig2 In reply to Excel97-Excel2007 Macro

You will have to re-write your macros. Already had to face this down going from Office XP to 2003.

You might try to drag them in to Open Office Calc and then save them in current .xls format. In general, my Excel macros have worked fine in Calc. This isn't a guarantee, just my experience. You can find Open Office at

Good luck!

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There's no way to upconvert, only downconvert macros? Bummer!

by ManiacMan In reply to Sorry- but no

I'm not a heavy user of Excel, but it is a bummer if you can't port your old Macros over to new versions of Office without requiring a complete recode job. Oh well, it is what it is.

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Can't even downconvert

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to There's no way to upconve ...

Excel 2007 is so different, you can't even downconvert the macros. It's in its own little world.

On a side not though, SOME of the older simple macros will convert. Not very many though, so it technically needs a rewrite anyway. Had they gone from 97, converted to 2000, then converted to 2002, then 2003, then 2007, there would be less rewriting, but it still would be needed. Now, can you guess why many businesses haven't upgraded yet and have NO plans to do so?

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Way to go MS, they really scewed the pooch on this one

by ManiacMan In reply to Can't even downconvert

And MS is shocked to find that many corps are slow to adopt new versions? This is the reason why...too much work involved to recode everything.

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