Excell format re if cell is blanc the total should be blanc too else add

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G’day gang, I am trying to make a spreadsheet for my boat costing and having problem with it.
I can sense the solution but hit my head every time. I was a computer programmer back in the 80’s (Cobal and Assembler languages), IF THEN ELSE was so simple. Thanks to anyone that can help.

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Spreadsheet calculating when cell is blanc

by worldyachting In reply to Excell format re if cell ...


1. I enter an amount at the start of the program of money received (K4).
2. On a regular basis I enter details of expenditure in the Amount column (D) together with either column E or column G (never both).
3. Column F will keep a running total of column E, = SUM(E5 E4) for example.
4. Column H will keep a running total of column G, = SUM(G7 H6) for example.
5. Column I will keep a total running total of column D, = SUM(I4 D5) for example.
6. Column J will keep a running total of amount left deducted from the float (entered at J4 at the beginning of the program), =SUM(J4-D5) for example.
7. If cell contains no amount (cell E7 or H8 for example) then the corresponding cells (F and H) next to them should be blank too.

I then copy the rules to the remaining worksheet , for example for a further 200 entries BUT the worksheet then prints out the calculation (columns F and I) as it adds zero (blanc) to the totals.
So how about a two conditional format to solve the problem.
IF E7 is blanc then cell F7 format colour is changed to white (invisible to the eye) ELSE E7 F7.
NOTE: when printed does this come out the same.

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