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    Excellent Backup Procedure


    by gengle ·

    Here is the current procedure:

    1) At approx 8:00 PM every night ArcServer starts backuping up the NT server to a DLT and finishes about 12 hours later when I come into work around 7:30 AM.

    2) When I come in around 7:30 AM I wait to make sure everything is completed and then I switch the tape and put the next days in

    3) I had the tape to the bank runner to deposit the tape in the safety deposit box and she grabs the old tape from the day before

    this procedure is the same for Monday – Friday and on the weekends:

    Saturday I come in and switch the tapes and take the old tape home, and I do the same on sunday.

    What I am wanting to know is:

    1) a procedure that I could implement so I DON”T have to come in on the weekends. Not backing up the system on the weekends won’t work because we perform some business on the weekends. Or skipping a day and just doing the backup on a sunday night would work too. Mainly I’m looking for a fool proof way so I never have to comein on the weekends t

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      Excellent Backup Procedure

      by phinaddict ·

      In reply to Excellent Backup Procedure

      one thing you should think of is going to a differential on the weekends. You can have it append to the same tape that way only files that have been modified are backed up. Doing this depends on how much data is getting backed up but if you go with a 70gig dlt you should be fine.

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      Excellent Backup Procedure

      by syscokid ·

      In reply to Excellent Backup Procedure

      One answer would be to switch to a tape carousel. We use three tapes and backup Mon-Sat, skipping Sunday.

      But you probably want something that would work with ths setup you have.

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      Excellent Backup Procedure

      by leo.valmores ·

      In reply to Excellent Backup Procedure

      Is Arcserve doing full BUP everytime it runs?
      If so, how big (GB) is the BUP and what is the max tape size will your DLT accept?
      The answers to these questions will already lead you to whether or not you need to come in during weekends. If you are already using the max tape size for your type of DLT drive, then will the Differential BUP for Fri, Sat and Sun fit on the max tape size?

      If no, then your only option is to replace with Autoloaders.

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      Excellent Backup Procedure

      by gengle ·

      In reply to Excellent Backup Procedure

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