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Excellent solution for Blank Device Manager in Windows XP

By davidfranks78 ·
For a long time I've tried to get my device manager issue fixed for XP. Many hours were spent by the Microsoft technicians and at last they also advised to reinstall windows.

The issue I was facing was that, on my XP Service pack 3 I get a blank screen when I try to open my Device Manager. But I can view my network connections without any problems

I had tried aproposfix, fixccs.exe, re-setting the Enum permissions with registry editor, running the Windows repair from Windows recovery, Adjusting the Plug and Play service, all these didn't solve my problem

I happened to come across this amazing tool which resolved my issue perfectly. The wonderful thing is that there is an option under Tools/System to run the Windows device manager and it works from there!!. Anyway, the tool is much more powerful.

And yes it's freeware

Here is the link:

Note: if the windows device manager shows blank when you load it from the tool, try exiting and re-running the tool and then load windows device manager from Tools/System again. It should come up now. Once it does, the Windows Device Manager will come up even after exiting the tool and will work perfectly as long as you don't shutdown or restart your system. Once you restart, you will need to repeat the process to get the device manager running again.

All the best. I can't guarantee that this solution would work for you as there is a chance that the issue that you are facing has a different root cause. It would be ideal if setting the permissions correctly for Plug and Play services or running the fixccs.exe resolves your issue, but for those of you out there for whom these solutions don't work, you may give this a try. The software is virus and spyware free and extremely well designed, so I don't think it would cause any harm to your system. In case it does resolve your device manager issue, spread the good word and please don't forget to post a thanks to Kerem on his website for his great service

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