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Exception Document?

By IT_Juggler ·
Russ Cooper wrote an article over at that got me thinking about an application in my world here.

In addition to the company computers, I support about 50 independent brokers who purchase their own hardware/software. I join their machines to AD and control them with group Policies, but quite often they insist on having administrator rights on their machine. (Certainly understandable for a laptop that they own, when they can't even hook it up to a home printer or plug in their USB drive without calling me.)

(I know - it would be better to provide them with company-owned hardware and never grant admin rights, but I must play the hand I've been dealt rather than wish for different cards.)

I would like to create an Exception Document that they (and the Operations Director) would be required to sign before I grant admin rights.

Have you seen anything like what I'm looking for? I don?t speak legalese, so I was hoping to find a template that I could start with and customize.

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by j.lupo In reply to Exception Document?

about creating policies on usage and such. However, if your company has a legal department, they should be able to help you out - at least with some template. In addition, anything you come up with, you will want to run by the department.

Here is another thought though, you don't allow permission now for a reason. What if by giving permission (forget the doc for a moment) something happens and sensitive information gets stolen? Now what?

My sister works in a simialr type of role and has her own equipment, but she does not have admin rights. Basically she has a personal machine and a work machine (both she invested in and purchased). The work machine is controlled by the organization, her machine is controlled by a friend of mine who does all her personal IT stuff.

This prevents the problems you were talking about, at least up to a point. Perhaps your company would consider some sort of buying program for their brokers. So this way you get separate hardware/software for the staff and they get a personal machine too.

Just a thought.

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