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exception Processing Message C0000013 Parameters 75B6BF7c,

By Nichnasowa ·
error box " Windows- no disk"
error in the box" exception Processing Message C0000013
Parameters 75B6BF7c, 75B6BF7c, 75B6BF7c "
after clicking on the error box 4 time then it goes to my desktop and some times the error comes on and need to cancel the error. In checking my computer I find that some of the 8 media drives are not located there as I
cancel the error then a media drive appears.
Also when I try to copy to a CD or to a DVD the dvd drive will flip over to a cd drive and will not work I then made sure that the drive are correct and then try to burn a DVD and the drive turns to a cd drive I have reloaded the drives cleared the drive make sure all items have been ejected and then shut down and restarted the pc and the pc find new hardware and loads then when completed I rebooted the pc again and the error message comes back again

How can i resolve this issue permantly ?

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Download this...

It will cure some of your problems.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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What do I download???

by balvarez In reply to Download this...

Hello! I am having the same issue but I don't know which program to download. Can you please help me out!!! I am getting this error message.

exception processing message c0000013 parameters 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c

Please Help! Thank you!

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Well, since you are replying to a post that is over a year old....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to What do I download???

... chances are the web site has changed.

You can try the one time 'fix it for you' option and see if that helps.

edited to add....

Did you read any of the rest of the posts in this thread? The original poster shows what they did to resolve the problem.

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Issue Resolved

by Nichnasowa In reply to exception Processing Mess ...

I changed the letter of the media drives and then shut down the pc and restarted and error message is resolved exampled d: to x:
e: to y and did this for all the media drives and it resolved the issue

Thank You all for Support

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how to change letter of drive

by tulsaag In reply to Issue Resolved

I too have same error message Exception Processing message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 4. If I plug anything into one of my USB drives it is not recognized, but drives are trouble free and drivers are up to date. In the past when I plug in my external hard drive it is seen as drive K, but now nothing. Do I change something in Device manager with the USB drives or do I need to change something in Drive C? Help!

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Exception Processing message c0000013

by Nichnasowa In reply to how to change letter of d ...

Go to each user profile Control Panel/
select Administrative tools
then Computer Management/ Disk management
make sure all drives are cleared except for c
Then in administrative user once cleared reloaded the program that will load all the component again and then check and make sure all drive match the components

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Thanks for the info, glad that you got it sorted :) <NT>

by Jacky Howe In reply to exception Processing Mess ...


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Try this. hope it work out for you.

by LittleRyu In reply to exception Processing Mess ...

Ok first click start then you saw run . click it , type regedit saw HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE? Double click on it. then you will see SYSTEM Double click on it after you had double clicked on it. You saw CurrentControlSet? Double Click on it Scroll down and you will see a windows and you click once on it on the right you will see a error mode REG_DWORD 0x0000000(0) not sure how many 0's are there. and double click on the error mode and you saw a value data? type 2 on it and press ok and restart your computer . Really hope i helped you.

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This worked for me

by tonych In reply to Try this. hope it work ou ...

I had this problem for months and despite trying many kinds of methods, I was still unable to fix it. I then tried this method using regedit and the error message disappeared. Many thanks!

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Reponse To Answer

by fredneck2 In reply to Try this. hope it work ou ...

This is old stuff by th edate but I still use winxppro sp3 and have run into this "windows no disk exception processing message 75b6bf7c c0000013 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c 4 " and somehow got it to go away and seemed to happen around the time ( within a day ) when I unplugged usb drive without telling windows to eject ... and I just did that (again) and started seeing this message above (again ) and looked to web to help me as task manager would kill the process but it would come back like a virus but I am sure it wasn't ( for me ) as ccleaner , security essentials do a fine job...but I found each time I tried to run spybot - search and destroy the message would pop up and stop the spybot from running further ( like a virus ) ... and I found this thread and voila !!! FIXED --- YAY !!!!
1) click start button
2) click run
3) enter regedit in run box
4) click ok
5) double click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
6) double click SYSTEM
7) double click CurrentControlSet
double click Control
9) scroll down to Windows
10) look to into the window to the right and under name count down 5 lines until you see ErrorMode and to th erighyt REG_DWORD 0x0000000(0)
11) double click ErrorMode and a window pops up called Edit DWORD Value change that 0 to a 2
12) press ok , close the regedit window and restart your computer
13) FIXED !!! YAY !!!

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