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    Exch 5.5 IMS Logging


    by rcambra ·

    I would like to be able to retrieve emails from our Exchange 5.5 IMS that were either sent to an Internet address of came from an Internet address. As I recall there is some logging that I need to turn on. Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

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      Exchange 5.5 diagnostic logging

      by av . ·

      In reply to Exch 5.5 IMS Logging

      You need to enable diagnostic logging through MS Exchange Administrator. It is available through the configuration tab under connections.

      If you enable logging of smtp interface events it will create a send/receive log that will tell you the domains/IP addresses of each email sent or received. This log would be located under your imcdata directory.

      Diagnostics logging in Exchange is not that good. You may have to try turning on several different diagnostics logs at different levels of logging to get what you are looking for. Start with a minimum logging level. The logging is very verbose. After choosing the logs you want, make sure to stop and start the Internet Mail Service.

      If you are looking for the actual email messages and not just the internet addresses that emails are sent from and to, I’m not sure any of the diagnostic logs can do that.

      Your best bet is to get a 3rd-party tool if you want to use the logs for reporting purposes. We use Mail Essentials and it is able to produce much better reports than Exchange can. It is very reasonable too.

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