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    Exchage System Manager on Vista


    by ccthompson ·

    Well, upgraded to Vista Business. Had to do a bunch of updates(work arounds) in order to get all my administration tools to work, such as Active Directory Users and COmputers, and IIS, Hyper Terminal for the Cisco stuff, ect….

    Anyway, got them all working, except Exchange 2003 System Manager. Everywhere i read it says that it doesnt work with vista. But does anyone know of another work around like all the other admin tools to make this work. Its not a big deal, i can always walk down to the server room and do it from there, but sometimes you just need it right here right now.

    Thanks everyone in advance!

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      by ccthompson ·

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      ESM and Vista

      by p.j.hutchison ·

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      Correct ESM does NOT work with windows Vista.
      You can use Remote Desktop to connect to your Exchange server to do some work.

      You can copy and register some EXE and DLLs for use with AD Users and Computers so you can add/remove mailboxes etc.

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