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    Exchange 2000


    by emmanuel ·

    I recently tried to move our exchange service box to another box. We are running exchange 2000 connected to Storage Area Network. I installed a new exchange on a more powerful server and joined it to the same organization. I then down the origanalserver and gave the disk from SAN to the new server and start the exchange services and every thing started fine. Then come the issue of orphan mailbox, I used mbcon utility from resource kit but failed to find a match in our active directory. I tried clean up agent but no luck as well. Please any insight to why mbcon can not find a match in AD and why I can not reconnect an orphan mailbox to valid user account?

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      by emmanuel ·

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      I resolved this issue by first disconnected all mailboxes before powering down the old server and then gave the disc form SAN to the new server and then use mbcon utility to reconnect orphan mailboxes.

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