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    Exchange 2000, deleting queues


    by ktamayo ·

    This MS article explains how to delete messages from queues:


    However, I incorrectly configured my Exchange 2000 server as an open relay. Now, I have literally hundreds of queues and even more messages in each one.

    Is it possible to delete all of these queues in one step, or do I have to manually go to each queue, enumerate the messages, and then delete?

    Also, I thought I had locked down my server from open relay, but apparently I missed a step. Is there something other than making sure only authenticated users can relay that I need to check?


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      Reply To: Exchange 2000, deleting queues

      by mbr ·

      In reply to Exchange 2000, deleting queues

      I had a similar problem except my relay was closed and we still had somone coming in port 25….I had to delete the Queue one at time except I would freeze all messages then “delete no ndr”…your best option is to get a firewall in place A Cisco PIX 501 could work and on the firewall setup a ACL.

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