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Exchange 2000 installation

By henkverbeek ·
Hello everybody,

I have a problem when I want to install Exchange 2000.

We have 2 servers, one server is the DC and the second server is a member server. On the member server Exchange 2000 must be installed. Both server are installed with SP1.

When I run the option setup /forestprep I receive the following error:

Either you do not have permissions to update the Active Directory schema or Active Directory is currently too busy.

I?ve looked on the MS support site, but I didn?t findany solution for my problem.

Can someone help me with this problem.


Henk Verbeek

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not sure what /forestprep does...

by ARG CIO In reply to Exchange 2000 installatio ...

but it sounds like you have an issue with the Member server. Member servers don't/can't update the AD. You have to be a DC for AD changes. You have two options as far as I see.

1) make the member server a BDC, and install Active Directory on it. Run Setup /forestprep and you should be good.

2) Run setup without the /forestprep option. or use the /domainprep option.

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you dont need to /forestprep, here's ho

by Cezz In reply to Exchange 2000 installatio ...

Installing Exchange
1. Log on to the Windows 2000 Server that you want to install Exchange on. To install Exchange, the account that you use to log on must be a member of the following Windows 2000 Security Groups:
Domain Admins,Enterprise Admins,Schema Admins
2. Insert the Exchange compact disc into your CD-ROM drive.
For Pentium-based computers, go to \Setup\I386\Setup.exe.
For Alpha-based computers, go to \Setup\Alpha\Setup.exe.
3. Double-click Setup.exe. The Exchange Setup Wizard welcome page appears.
4. Read the End User License Agreement.
5. On the Component Selection page, click the node in the Action column that corresponds with the component that you want to install. Click Install.
For more information, see the ?Selecting Components to Install? section earlier in this chapter.
To change the location of the installation, select the top node, Microsoft Exchange, and then click Change Folder.
Note For information about available drives and their corresponding available space, click Disk Information.
6. On the first Miscellaneous Information page, read the Per Seat licensing agreement. To continue, click I Agree, and then click Next.
7. On the next Miscellaneous Information page, select Join/create an Exchange 2000 Server Site.
8. On the next Miscellaneous Information page, enter a name for your Exchange organization. This will be the permanent organization name. On subsequent installations of Exchange, you will not be able to change this name.
9. Onthe next two Miscellaneous Information pages, select the default options for Administrative Group and Routing Group.
10. On the Installation Summary page, verify your information.
Setup installs Exchange. A box appears after about 30 seconds and asks for verification to update the schema. Click OK to continue the installation.
11. On the completion page, click Finish.
12. Restart the computer.

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another article i just found

by Cezz In reply to Exchange 2000 installatio ...

If you have the appropriate permissions and you are installing Exchange in the root domain of the forest, you do not need to run ForestPrep and DomainPrep.

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by vbuscarn In reply to Exchange 2000 installatio ...

Which server are you having the problem with?

Microsoft recommends that you don't install Exchange on a PDC or a BDC for several reasons. One reason is that directory replication can have an affect on your server.

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