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Exchange 2000 Memory Fragmentation

By r_chokshi ·
We are using Microsoft Exchange 2000 on a active/active Windows 2000 cluster. We are unable to get consistent backups. The backups fail often whether we use Windows 2000 backup or Veritas Netbackup Datacenter 3.4.1. The backup errors on Netbackup are "FS_COMM_FAILURE". We have been working with Vertias tech support & they told us that his is a known issue with Exchange 2000 & this happens due to Memory Fragmentation with the Store.exe process. Veritas has a case open with Microsoft about this &the case ID is SRX010823602493. We have to reboot the Exchange server every 2-3 days to clear out the fragmentation & get good backups. Has anybody faced this problems? How do we get good backups for Exchange 2000 & reduce the rebooting? Please help.

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My reccomendation

by LordInfidel In reply to Exchange 2000 Memory Frag ...

We use Veritas bakup exec 7 here to backup exchange 5.5. I know it's not the same program/version combo, but the essecnce should still be the same.

Until you can get the memory issue worked out, I reccomend going with a 2 pronged backup approach.

1. Using the present system to backup up the individual mailboxes only. Do not try to back up the directory or information store. Just back up the mailboxes thru the veritas exchange agent. I will explain why further down.

2. Using 2K's native backup. Use it to backup the exchange information store daily. Set this up so that it backs up the store prior to bakup exec backing up the mailboxes. Set it delete any backup sets older than 1 day.

3. Use backup exec to backup the directory that you have sent the native backup to. Set it to backup incremental changes. The time schedule for this should be after backup exec has backed up the mailboxes.

What has this accomplished and why.

We have to remember that backup exec is not a native MS program. Therefore it should be treated as an intrusive program. We do not know and can not be sure what adverse effects backing up the information store will have. (The same goes for sql db's)

By using the native backup program in 2k, we can be assured of a complete exchnage bu. One that we can restore easily using the built in tools.

Next by backing up the backup, we have a seperate copy, just in case you have to go back in time.

I only use BackUp exec just to have the ability to restore an individual mailbox or a piece of mail.

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