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Exchange 2000 NDRs Generated

By bdgray ·
Hello Everyone,

I am currently working with Microsoft on this problem but I thought I might see if anyone else has had this problems before.

Our users are experiencing a problem where the send an email to an individual or a group of recipientsand the end up getting and NDR. However the Undeliverable email address in the NDR does not match aqnyone in the original Distribution List(DL.) e.g. one of the recipients email address is and the NDR says that the recipient was undeliverable.

Other variations of the same thing are that the "m" in ".com" is dropped or the whole ".com" is gone all together. It appears that at some point the system just butchers that email address and then tries to send it. It also appears that when the email address is truncated before the @ symbol the system just throws our domain on the end.

I have turned message tracking on. Through message tracking I have confirmed that the server received the email addresses correctly. At some point during the delivery process the address gets butchered and the NDR is generated.

One more thing to note. A few of the individual recipients will not receive any email and no NDR is generated which is requiring our user's to call the ricipients to confirm delivery.

It appears that this happens most often when there are multiple recipients.

Thank you,

Bradley D. Gray

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