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    Exchange 2000 on 2000?????


    by bottomsup ·

    well this is my dilema, i need to network a respectable amount of pc’s together and set the network up to a mail server. for now all i need is intrAnet email i won’t have any internet email coming in or going out.
    now to my point, i am at the verybeginning stages of setting up this mail server, the only problem is that i need all this together on one server……..this server will have 2000 server as the OS, exchange 2000 as the mail server and the DC all have to be together. all i keep reading about is how dangerous this can be, not so much the 2000 OS and exchange but making the server the DC, can any one give me any advice??

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      Not Recommended!

      by wottaguy ·

      In reply to Exchange 2000 on 2000?????

      I would not do what you are trying to do. It is recommended that you install a separate server (member) for your Exchange mailer. Have you thought about the system requirements to run Exchange server? Will you be planning for redundancy? If so, you might want to implement a RAID 5 with multiple disks. How many users to you want to support? Will you be running the DC in mixed or native mode? will DNS be installed on the 1st DC in your domain or elsewhere? Will you be using DHCP on the DC? I feelthat the DC has enough work to do without the additional burden of trying to serve mail too. What you are trying to do is possible, but will make for a sluggish at best network….especially for logons. I would look into other options before committing to your idea. These are just my views on the subject. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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        Just use Unix

        by i8042 ·

        In reply to Not Recommended!

        Unix can do everything on a 486!! and its free!!

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      Probably Not in Your Best Interest…

      by csbank1 ·

      In reply to Exchange 2000 on 2000?????

      I wouldn’t recommend putting Exchange (any version) on a Primary Domain Controller, regardless of which Windows OS you choose.

      Here are my reasons why:

      1.) Exchange can be a resource hog. It runs best on a server that concentrates on Exchange as its only task (I run Exchange Server v5.5, not 2000). If the server is forced into doing network logons too often, my LAN will become bogged down (this occurred once, when my PDC was being rebuilt from backup due to two HD’s dying at once, which RAID 5 can not solve).

      2.) The PDC has to handle quite a few tasks already. If you will be using DHCP, then the PDC will be assigning IP’s. The network logon will be handled through the PDC also. Additionally, if you are planning on using any monitoring software for the network, this will most likely be running on the PDC.

      3.) If you are going to give your users network shares for use in saving files, sharing files with other users, etc., then your PDC will have yet another task to handle.With Exchange Server running, this final task could be the “straw that breaks the camel’s back”, so to speak.

      Hence, I would not recommend it. However, let’s limit down the case: how many clients will there be? Also, what exactly will the server be doing (obviously, PDC, Exchange, but will there be user network shares, will it be acting as a print server also, etc.)?

      Also, any other details that you are willing to give might make it easier to figure out if this would be feasible for one server. Based on the current information, though, I would not at this time recommend having the PDC act as your Exchange server.


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      will work well with a small client base

      by jim ·

      In reply to Exchange 2000 on 2000?????

      Running Exch2000 on Win2000 in a single server environment is possible and will perform well, provided a few caveats:
      1- If you are running DHCP, run it from a firewall, not the server. Sonicwall, for example, is a lower cost (compared to Cisco) but still very respectable firewall capable of also acting as a dhcp server.
      2- the key to remember is we are talking *small* business here, not a Goldman Sachs sized client base! Keep it under 20 clients and it will perform well.
      3- of greater concern to performance is this: Will this same server be functioning as your Print Server? This case, where the server is the only DC (and as a consequence the GC), Exchange server, File Server AND the Print server, that’s asking for trouble.
      4- You didn’t say how much RAM, Processors, processor types, etc., yet alone disk space.

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        Every time you reboot …

        by gaston nusimovich ·

        In reply to will work well with a small client base

        Because of all these things that you expect the same server to do, you are compounding the chances of being forced to do a reboot.

        Even though Windows 2000 has reduced the need to reboot (compared to NT), you are adding them up on the same server.

        So you will bother all users on every reboot because of any of the functions expected from this sole server.

        Watch downtime very closely before making your decision. Good luck !!!

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      All Eggs in one basket?

      by t bowman ·

      In reply to Exchange 2000 on 2000?????

      I’ve read all the other replies to date. I agree with them all. Don’t do it unless you have 20 users or less and only then if you have sufficient ‘power’ (ie. disk space, RAM, Processor Power, etc.). But one important point that no one mentioned is that you are placing all your eggs in one basket. This is NEVER a good idea. If that one server goes down or just has a minor problem – and you KNOW it will – your entire network is at it’s mercy. I would, at the very least, have two good servers. Run Exchange on a server by itself. If the non-exchange server goes down, you still have some functionality. If the Exchange server goes down, you only lose email. I also highly recommend Raid 5 if possible.
      I’ve worked with NT since it was 3.0 and have never heard of anyone who would put Exchange on a PDC. 🙂

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      Why the one server limit?

      by csmith ·

      In reply to Exchange 2000 on 2000?????

      If this is a respectable size network, why is there a limit of only one server?
      Hardware is cheap nowadays.
      If cost constraints are severe, due to the current cutback in IT spending, how familiar are you with LINUX?
      Once you get past the learningcurve, a LINUX based mail server will give you a more stable mail server, that is also less subject to viruses and hacking, and requires less hardware.
      Regards, Chris

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