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Exchange 2000 outbound mail

By glenn ·
I have an Exchange 2000 server that is having problems sending mail to a specific domain. Messages will continue to queue for that doamin but will not send until I stop and start the virtual smtp server. This is happening for the one domain only. If I let the queue sit, users will get an undeliverable after the 2 day time out.

I logged the smtp traffic via exchange and the message did not attempt until the stmp queue was set to shutdown, 45 minutes after the message was originally queued. Additionally, I am able to telnet to port 25 from the exchange server to the remote domain and manually send a message without failure.

Any ideas why this would happen for just one domain and how to fix it?

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by haileyan In reply to Exchange 2000 outbound ma ...

I doubt the problem is yours. Most likely it is the mail server at the domain or DNS entries for the domain that are the problem.

Do an NSLookup on the recipient domain and see if you can get a list of their mail servers. To do this:

1.) Open a command prompt by going to Start and then Run and typing in CMD and press enter.

2.) At the command prompt type in NSLookup and press enter

3.) In NSLookup type set type=MX. (This will ensure that only mail exchange records are returned when doing our lookup.

4.) Type in the root domain of the recipient. If the email address is then is all you enter for your query.

5.) Press return after typing in and see the results. Most domains have several entries for mail servers with different priorities.

6.) Try to ping one or all of the IP addresses that were returned.

If you get a response you know it is up and running at least. If you get no rsponse it may indicate that the server does not exists. It may also indicate thay their server just does not responmd to ping.

Best to call an IT person at the recipient domain to see if they are having problems.

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by glenn In reply to

We have been working in conjunction with the remote system's IT department. Remote system is able to receive mail without problem from other domains. Messages will send whenever I start/stop the smtp virtual server. Poster rated this answer.

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by haileyan In reply to Exchange 2000 outbound ma ...

What type of email system are they using? I have had similar problems sending to Lotus Domino systems. There was a specific patch to handle the issue but it was for the Lotus Domino system.

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by glenn In reply to

Remote system is also an Exchange server behind a checkpoint firewall. Poster rated this answer.

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by asifmah In reply to Exchange 2000 outbound ma ...

Please refer to Microsoft's article 826948

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