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Exchange 2000 question

By CB admin ·
I have an exchange server that sometimes has trouble resolving DNS names when sending mail, I'm using my ISP's DNS servers to resolve DNS. The error that I get when I have trouble sending mail to certain companies says "The destination server for this recipient could not be found in Domain Name Service (DNS). Please verify the email address and retry. If that fails, contact your administrator #5.4.0 >". I do an NSLOOKUP and sometimes my server can resolve the IP to Domain name, but sometimes it can't. Then when I query the MX record using NSLOOKUP, again sometimes my server resolves it and sometimes it doesn't. If I try to telnet to the MX record IP, port 25, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I go out of my network, usinga dialup and do the same steps most of the times all works fine, unless the remote server is actually not working at that time.

I think maybe my ISP's DNS servers might not be too reliable, so my question is how can I configure my server to bypass my ISP's DNS servers when sending mail.

FYI, I am using forwarders on my DNS server, the forwarders I"m using are the DNS servers that I got from my ISP.

Any advice is appreciated.


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2 possibilities!

by areets In reply to Exchange 2000 question

Either build your own DNS server and have it configured with multi DNS server IPs. Your best option and for Exchange. Or make a list of about 10 (to be sure) DNS servers, using nslookup: lserver <dns server> and your steps, but only a ST work around.


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One more!

by areets In reply to Exchange 2000 question

Exchange 5.5-2000 has a feature that allows you to specify for specific domains whether to use DNS or the IP of recipients mail servers.


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by CB admin In reply to One more!

Where do I configure this? I have Exchange 2000, Enterprise, sp3. thanks for your response, but like you said one of the options is on a ST work around, the other would require me to get another piece of hardware right? and I really don't want todo that, besides with economy now a day, IT budgets are the ones getting cut first.

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