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    Exchange 2000 recovery after DC failure


    by charleskin ·

    This is the basic senario: Exchange 2000 install.
    Empty Root: 2 DC’s;
    Child Domain: 3 DC’s, several member servers;
    Ran Forest Prep on the Empty Root, then 1 hour later ran Domain Prep in the Child Domain. Everything ran fine. Then we installed the first Exchange 2000 server on a member server and applied Exchange SP2. Just after the installation of the service pack, a child domain controller crashed. This machine was rebuilt and re-introduced into the child domain. However the Exchange installation was not visible to the domain.
    We went in a verified that the A.D. and network were still fine with netdiag and dcdiag. We then ran Forest Prep and Domain Prep again and tried to reinstall Exchange, after running almost completely through the installation, an error message appears stating there was an error in creating the administrative group container, ADSI invalid pathname, 0x80005000. We started looking at the Forest prep value with LDAP and discovered the value is still set at0 instead of 2 (2 indicates a sucessful Forest Prep).
    We are hesitant to do a manual removal of Exchange using the KB articles 260378 and 273478 from MS, just because this is a production environment.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I willrespond to any input and clarify andy ambiguities that you have.

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