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    Exchange 2000 Redirect Rule Fails


    by canitbe ·

    Since recently migrating from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 the Rules Wizard choices to “REDIRECT” or “FORWARD” email to an outside internet email address fails to work. Other choices like MOVE or COPY to other folders is working OK. It seems that our internal exchange support engineer is unsure of the problem. He’s tried resetting the rules in my account, tried setting up the REDIRECT in other accounts and it fails on all of them. Our Exchange expert is too busy dealing with outside customers to assist in troubleshooting the problem. They’ve suggested using technet and checking the rights of the relay agent. Nothing that I know of has changed on the router. I’m not that up on exchange myself, although I did complete the MCP on Exchange 5.5 for the MCSE. I don’t get to increase my experience level with it as I do other duties than Exchange Server.

    Any ideas are welcome,


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