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Exchange 2000 Server Died - Need Advice

By Basher ·
Our W2K Exchange 2000 server died, looks like one of the drives in the array (RAID 1 , Promise Fasttrak TX2, 60Gb drives) failed big time, like no spin up, which has seemed to affect the other drive as well. Anyway, not sure what is recoverable on the second drive that is still operational.

I'm going at this like I will need to rebuild the Exchange box completely from scratch. Reinstall everything. The only backup I have of Exchange is from our daily backup, we use Veritas BackupExec 8.6 with Exchange Agent. I have verified that the Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes, Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group, System State are indeed on the backup tapes. This server was the first server in the AD organization. I have 3 other W2K servers that were also global catalogs so I have all the AD objects.

Given this I am looking for help on a game plan, how do I bring a new Exchange 2000 server back online in the AD network with the same name, and can I restore any of the Exchange data from the tapes, could PSTs be created from this data?

I'm not sure how I go about doing this the most efficient way, I would appreciate any advice possible.


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by haileyan In reply to Exchange 2000 Server Died ...

I wish there were a simple answer. I have restored Exchange many times and it is by far the most pain in the butt system to restore of any I have messed with. If your DC is on a machine other than the Exchange box you are ahead of the game. You will need to build a new server with the same name and restore all of the exchange database files to the proper location. Then do a /disasterrecover install of exchange on it. It can be much more comlicated than this so read the following guide for mores specifics on restoring your configuration.

Here is a link to Microsoft's disaster recovery guide for exchange:**7f585&DisplayLang=en

Everytime I have had to restore Exchange I have had to do some tweaking in Active Directory to make it work.

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by haileyan In reply to

I highly recommend that in the process of rebuilding this server you implement a Raid 5 configuration for better fault tolerance. One failed drive should never leave you in limbo.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Exchange 2000 Server Died ...

Do yourself a favor and use Raid 5 next time. When one hard drive dies you just replace it and it repairs itself.
You can also upgrade to Groupwise 6.5.

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