Exchange 2000 Working with new Domain Controller

By bastama ·
I'll try to keep this brief and open for questioning.

We have a Windows 2k domain running with 2 DCs (one up north and one down south). The Exchange server for the company is down south. I recently had to replace the DC down south with a completely new box which included a new IP and new machine name. I've got DNS running on the DC in each of the locations. The problem I'm having now is that my Exchange server keeps wanting to hit the DC up north for it's Directory Access needs and doesn't seem to know the new server down south sitting right next to it even exists.

So far I've made sure that all the DNS settings are correct and if I do a NSLOOKUP on our domain name (from the Exchange server) it comes up as reading the server down south and then the server up north. The Directory Access settings are setup to automatically detect DC(s) for the services it needs and if I shut the automatic off and specify, Exchange stops functioning. Am I missing something?

Also... and I feel dumb for asking this but, should I have ran the exchange setup /domainprep and /forestprep on the new DC? Granted, this whole environment was setup before my time and the old guy is long gone and I guess I slept during the MS Exchange courses in college. Thanks for your patience and thanks in advance for any help.

UPDATE: I checked the Event Log on the Exchange server and found that I got an event ID 2102 error.

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Global Catalog

by Churdoo In reply to Exchange 2000 Working wit ...

Did you make the southern DC a Global Catalog? Exchange needs a GC. Also, don't forget to go into the Recipient Update Services and point them to the new southern DC as well.

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Global Catalog All Around

by bastama In reply to Global Catalog

I've made both DCs Global Catalog hosts as well as manually updated the RUS.

UPDATE: On a hunch, I went ahead and ran the Exchange setup with the domainprep option and now, my Exchange server is reading the new DC (Down South) for all it's Directory Access services.

I'm going to close this up for now and if anything changes I'll update the post. Thanks for the reply.

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