Exchange 2000

By hmarine ·
I setup my exchange server as a class prodject
but I am stuck.

What do I have to do to receved and send outside mail using my exchange server 2000?

can someone please help, very new at this.

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by Churdoo In reply to Exchange 2000

You don't have to do anything or much else to exchange itself to send/receive email.

You do have to put the server on a public IP, either directly or inside NAT'd through a router (or port forward port 25 on a SOHO router appliance).

You have to do things in DNS. In the pub DNS zone of your exchange server's email domain(s) (email domains specified in the Recipient Policies), add an A-record pointing to the Pub IP, and add an MX record pointing to the A-record.

Your exchange server should now send/receive email.

Now for best practices however, if you created a connector for your outbound email delivery, and you should create a connector although 2000/2003 do not force you to, go to the properties of that connector / Address Space tab showing the * address space / make sure the checkbox at the bottom is NOT checkmarked ... I forget what the box reads, but checking it on the * address space makes you an open relay, so make sure you clear the checkbox.

Also, in the SMTP virtual server properties / third tab I think, make the FQDN field match the name of the A-record you created in the public DNS zone.

Obviously there's a lot more to exchange server than these paragraphs, but I don't want to do all of your work for you and this should get you to send/receive email.

Post back specific questions if you need to.

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