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    Exchange 2003


    by adeeeeeee ·

    I have a user who uses Outlook 2003 and resides on an Exchage 2003 server. Whenever this user sends a meeting request to a single user, the meeting request gets to the recipient. hen the recipient sends a response back, the recipient gets an undeliverable message back saying it could reach some or all of the recipients. The strange thing is the undeliverable message is saying it cannot reach an exchange group “all (companyname) staff” but this group is not in the To, CC or BCC field. Has anyone seen this behaviour before. There are no rules setup on the server or locally and no delegate access is setup on the account.

    Thanks in advance

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      re: Exchange 2003

      by danieljotte ·

      In reply to Exchange 2003

      Check for a open distribution group that may have been delegated to someone else….

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      Oh, yes. Seen it and bled over it

      by neilb@uk ·

      In reply to Exchange 2003

      It’s (nearly) always caused by a deleted account that has the delegate that is popping up in your NDR. One of the live accounts has the deleted account listed as a delegate and you can’t see it when you examine the delegate list.

      I had to download the Microsoft Exchange MAPI Editor and go in with a hand-axe last time I got this. You can also fix it – or at leat see the source of your problem – using ADSIEDIT. But handle with care!

      Neil 🙂

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      by adeeeeeee ·

      In reply to Exchange 2003

      Thanks for responses, I had to use MFCMapi to delete the delegate rule. Now fixed!

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