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By Lino767 ·
Is there a recommended size limite on exchange 2003 mailboxes? My mail box size reached about 2GB and my Admin is bugging me day and night to do some clean up. He even mentioned that the mailbox store will be corrupt if I go beyond 2gb. Does anybody know if microsoft has any recommendation when it comes to mailbox size?

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by TechKid In reply to Exchange 2003

ther is no limit on individual mailboxes per se but he may be running exchange standard edition which will not let the total number of all mailboxes go past 16gig. If the mail store is over 16 gigs exchange will shutdown and no more mail is delivered. So, if he let everyone in the company have a mailbox of 2 gig or more, unless you only have 8 people, the exchange server may shutdown.

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by Lino767 In reply to Exchange 2003

It is enterprize version not a standard.

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by curlergirl In reply to Exchange 2003

You may be confusing your terminology. There are a number of different ways to set up Exchange, and it sounds as though your admin has set it up so that you are downloading all of your mail to a local file rather than having it stored on the Exchange server. If this is the case, then what he is referring to as your "mailbox" is the size of a file called a ".pst" file - these files can become easily corrupted, especially as they get very large. In older versions of Outlook, 2GB was the limit on a .pst file; newer versions can supposedly handle .pst's up to 4GB in size, but it slows down the response time a lot and does present a potential for file corruption.

If you want to save the information, I'd suggest that you create an archive file (also a .pst file, but a separate one) and archive off at least some of the older stuff to this separate file. Then it will still be accessible but the main .pst file will be cleaned up and Outlook will operate better and be much happier.

Hope this helps!

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by jimmy_joseph_123 In reply to Exchange 2003

I am also facing the same problem. After reaching 2 GB size it gives a message that "your mail box is closed ". The maximum mailbox size i can specify in the mailbox limit properties are 2097151 KB.

The total Database size only 6GB

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by jwhitlock In reply to Exchange 2003

The recommendation is up to you. 2 GB seems unreasonable to me. One option is to export to a pst file. Is there a valid reason for having so much mail? If these are attachments, how about saving them to a directory on a file server?Having so much mail also causes backup problems.

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