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By rcrewsvfx ·
I'm currently having a bit of an issue. I made a Distribution Group for Terminated Employees. All Terminated Employees emails have been forwarded to the email address for the Distribution group. However, I need the Distribution Groups Email to forward to an Exchange Users email. Should be forwards to . I don't see the Delivery Options Tab under the distribution group's email to set the easy forwarding up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Make user@ a member of the distro group

by Churdoo In reply to Exchange 2003

I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish by forwarding their email to the distro group, but have you assigned any 'members' to the group? By definition, anyone that's a member of a distribution group gets the mail that's sent (or forwarded) to the group, so whatever user or users you add as members of the distro group will receive the email.

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Reason for Setting Up Forwarding.

by rcrewsvfx In reply to Make user@ a member of th ...

My Employer asked me to make a TerminatedEmployees@****.com account for all terminated employees. He wanted all the employees email to go to that account, and then have the account forwarded to a user to check on a daily basis. Technically rather then setup every email account to just forward to that user (which could create loops), I thought that a distribution group would solve the issue. I just can't figure out how to get the Distribution Group's email to forward to the User's Account. The User is already part of the Distribution Group and set as the Manager. Thanks for the help.

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User is a member of the distro group ...

by Churdoo In reply to Reason for Setting Up For ...

But not receiving the email? Is the user listed on the Members tab of the Group properties?

You really didn't have to explain your reasoning. I was sure you had your reasons and did not mean to sound condescending if I did.

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Figured It Out...

by rcrewsvfx In reply to User is a member of the d ...

Thanks Churdo. I wrote it out, because I figured maybe something got lost within the initial post for reasoning. You weren't condescending.

Ended up having to branch a few things into another Distro Group per my Employer, so there are 2 Distro Groups, and all the Terminated Employees go into that, the user actually has it setup as another Inbox he can open, and my Employer gets two of the Terminated Employees emails directly. It was a pain. Apparently you can not forward a distribution groups address to a user using straight forwarding from the Properties Page. You actually have to give the User rights to open it as another account in their Outlook.

Again Thanks for your help.

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