Exchange 2003 - Currupt Mailbox

By mr.sweetchuck ·
I appear to have an issue with a currupt mailbox on my Exchange Server, (Windows Server 2003, SBS.) Is it possible to verify the mailbox integrety. I would also like to verify that the Information Store itself is ok. What options do I have? Also, what sort of down time am I looking at will this is on going?


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You need to run ISInteg

by ian.hutty In reply to Exchange 2003 - Currupt M ...

You need to run ISINTEG on the mail store that the mailbox resides in.

Downtime depends on how many mailboxes are in the same store, how big the store is etc.

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Can I...

by mr.sweetchuck In reply to You need to run ISInteg

Hi Ian,
Thanks for your quick reply. Can I ask you one or two questions, (just want to be certain.)

Can I copy the edb file to another location and run ISINTEG on the copy instead? This would obviously reduced down time.

This tool only checks the integretity, it doesn't modify or attempt to fix the files without user input?


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by ian.hutty In reply to Can I...

ESEUTIL Does perform repair options.

use this with caution and look at MS KB articles.

You can regsvr all the required DLL's Exchange uses to be able to at least perform ESEutil operations on the store....but if you make a copy to work on as you suggested (thereby attempting to lower the downtime period) you are going to have two Store files one with newer mails in it while users carry on using it, and one you are working on repairing, this would not be a good idea.

Better to schedule downtime I think.

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Time for some research!

by mr.sweetchuck In reply to EseUtil

Hi Ian,
Thanks for filling me in. I guess I'll have to go off and research these two options a little further. Fingers crossed it's nothing to do with Exchange.

(I'm actually having issues with my backup software and it's blaming the mailboxes of a user and Postmaster, although I have my doubts as neither are causing any issues to end users. I just wanted to be sure.)

(Edit: I typed "Hi Ian," twice)

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