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Exchange 2003 Disaster Recovery

By stephen_langley ·
Hi All,

I am currently planning our disaster recovery. We have an Exchange 2003 server. At our DR site we have an exact replica of our current network that is also connected to our current network with a domain controller at our DR site that replicates with our main domain controllers.

Now all the servers are in the same domain ( Live and DR ). We have a server at the DR site that already has exchange 2003 installed ( again in the same domain as our live Exchange Server ).

The servers are the same except the server name. If we were in a DR situation, could I restore our latest backup of Exchange to our DR server ( remembering that the DR server has a different name but is in the same domain as our live one ).

All the servers are running Windows 2000. There is only one forest and both our main and DR sites are in it so our live active directory is replicated across to our DR site.

Many thanks for any help you can give.

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Disaster Recovery for Exchange 2003

by shaiju.j.s In reply to Exchange 2003 Disaster Re ...

Hi Stephen_langley,

1.DR Server with same hardware config as that of original(live)exchange server.

DR Backup Server Preparation
(ip & name are different from original)
1.Preparation of ASR Disk and Backup for the Live Exchange Server.
2.Prepare DR, restoring this backup.
3.Backup recent additions from latest backup tapes.
4.Do exchange installation on DR using Disaster Recovery switch.

How to do Connect the same on failure of original?

1.Rename the DR with the name of original server, change the ip to the ip of original server, attach to domain and start.
2.Ensure all the services are up and running especially system attendant service.
3.if so check for Information store and mount those manually if not yet mounted automatically.

Hope this will resolve the issue.

If not do write to me.


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Same case different Sinario

by hawkeeman In reply to Disaster Recovery for Exc ...

I have almost same sinario mentioned above,
My question,we do sometimes a Disaster Simulation,as if a real Disaster happened,after I restore the DR exchange server, can I go back to use the Original one with no problems???

Second question, can I put a server where I just restore data of original and they can coexist at same time,same user can access his email on live and on DR server (for sure DR server is with different name and IP).

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DR exchange 2003

by Acer1986 In reply to Same case different Sinar ...

Once you have finished with your DR simulation, you need to turn off the DR exchange server, go into Active Directory, find the Exchange server, right click and click on reset, then yes. Now you'll have to rejoin your original exchange server with the same name/ IP as it was and you should now be fully operational again.

I am not sure about the two co existing, I am looking at a similar solution myself.

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Exchange 2003 DR

by Keshya In reply to Exchange 2003 Disaster Re ...

to supply a DR solution you can use Double take from exchange cluster to a stand alone exchange server.

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disaster Recovery

by raj4 In reply to Exchange 2003 Disaster Re ...

hi sir In our Orgingation we have srever 2003 standerd edition and active directory and exchange server2003 enterprise edition in same server so Problem is that when our active directory is corputed so exchange is also corputed with him so give me Idea how can I have restore exchange server 2003 in new machine and how can I have recover my mailbox.
ravi kumar

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