Exchange 2003 dropping emails

By ndveitch ·
Hi There,

I have an Exchange 2003 server and my clients are all using Office 2007. I am having a problem where some of my users are reporting that they are missing emails. The first time this happened on of my users was missing 2 weeks worth of email. I opened the mailbox on my personal machine and saw that the emails were not there. Later that day I reopened the mailbox and there were the missing emails. This has happened twice with the same user and I couldn't find anything online to tell me why this has happened.

Now today I was told by another user that she has noticed that she is missing emails from a 3 weeks ago. At first I thought it might be a user problem (deleting emails by accident) but this user never deletes email.

I am stumped as to why this is happening and I need to find out how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Has anyone had this problem and if so how did they go about sorting it out.

Thank-you in advance

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Do you have Blackberry hand-helds

by neilb@uk In reply to Exchange 2003 dropping em ...

or other like devices? They can do really weird things if not set up right.

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by ndveitch In reply to Do you have Blackberry ha ...

We got rid of all the Blackberries before I joined the company. The staff that are having the trouble don't get email via hand-helds, only Outlook or OWA. My staff VPN into the network when working remotely, could this have anything to do with it?

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What mail clients are they using?

by Dedlbug In reply to Exchange 2003 dropping em ...

Are they using OWA or Outlook? Are they using Outlook at home via the VPN? Also, if they are using Outlook, are there more than one email account setup? If so, Exchange has to be the default mail delivery location.

Also check mail view filters in Outlook. Just some more ideas.

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Outlook 2007

by ndveitch In reply to What mail clients are the ...


My users are using Outlook 2007 and they only use OWA when they really have to. All of them have Exchange Mailbox as the default. I have a feeling it is user error, you know dropping the emails in the wrong folders or something like that. I am still investigating what could have happened to their email but I jsut dont want this to become a major issue, as some emails are needed for record purposes.

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maybe archive all mail then...if possible.

by Dedlbug In reply to Outlook 2007

Ahhh....user error...I've seen that before. Or someone else has access to their mailbox and is deleting their mail as a joke.

Maybe you can set Exchange to archive all mail received (and/or sent) into a mailbox. Then if a user loses a message somehow, at least you can get it back from the archive. Otherwise, make sure Exchange is running latest patches/updates as well as Outlook.

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Some thoughts

by AV . In reply to Exchange 2003 dropping em ...

I've had problems like this sometimes. Are the emails internal, external - maybe they have big attachments? For the external emails, check out the SMTP logs to see how the message was handled.

Check out the email headers of some of the email to see if there is anything unusual. If that looks ok, then its probably Outlook.

I don't use Outlook 2007, but in 2003 I've seen this happen sometimes because of having the wrong time zone selected on a PC. I've also seen it happen if the received date column isn't sorted properly and you have a big mailbox. Sometimes rules gone awry can do it too.


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by ndveitch In reply to Some thoughts

Thank-you for the info, it is truly appreciated

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