Exchange 2003 Licensing shared between U.S. and China Location

By dave ·
Our company owns Microsoft Exchange 2003 Enterprise server as well as 250 client licenses. Our U.S. location uses less than 100 of those CALs. We are opening a facility in China. I thought about installing 2003 SBS when I setup their server but since I also have 5 or so licensed copies of 2003 STD server I was leaning in that direction. Can I legally install Exchange 2003 on their server and utilize 30 or so of my CALs for Exchange? Same company name, different address (country)


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Depends on what type of Server Software you have

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Exchange 2003 Licensing s ...

If it's OEM and you have activated the CAL's most likely not. Also it depends on how you bought the CAL's in what size packages if they have not as yet been activated they are free to use on any Server of that type that they where bought for.

As it's the same company with a branch in China you shouldn't have any problems with M$ but sometimes over here they have hit companies for buying Genuine Software in one country and selling it in a different country as they claim that this is a form of Piracy. But as you are the same company it should be OK.


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Exchange software

by dave In reply to Depends on what type of S ...

Exchange server (Qty 1) and the Cals (Qty 250) are under a Volume License agreement. Since I only have 1 license of Exchange 2003 Ent. Server do I need to consider purchasing a second server license? I currently have it installed on one front-end and 1 back-end Exchange server.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Exchange software

You should purchase another copy of Exchange Server but as you are using a Volume License Agreement already all that should be required is to ring M$ Sales and buy another License of Exchange Server. This will be a lot cheaper than actually buying another copy of Exchange Server just add another License to your current configuration and install from there using your existing Install CD/s and Product Key.


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My Company's Experience

by Paul Newell In reply to Exchange 2003 Licensing s ...

My company expanded from just the US to US and Canada a few years ago, and we were told that our existing US CALs could not be utilized by our Canadian locations, but if we purchased Canadian CALs they could be used by the Canadian locations to connect to our servers here in the US.

As far as your situation, setting up shop in China, I'm not sure. A lot of times when you purchase software here in the states there are disclaimers stating you can't use (or export) the software in any of the countries deemed 'hostile' (mainly Communist countries), and I'd bet licenses fall into the same category.
Also, remember since you already have an Exchange server setup here, you'd need to have another license to cover your location in China.

Honestly your best bet is to call Microsoft's licensing people to find out what your options really are: (800) 426-9400 (US).

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