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Exchange 2003 mail problem

By RFMargheim ·
I'm new to this, so bear with me. I've just set up SBS 2003 w/ Exchange 2003 for engineering dept. Our small business has been using an ISP for e-mail. I set up acct's. for engineering and mailboxes. We can now e-mail each other and receive e-mail from others in the company that are not on the Exchange server, but we can't SEND to others in the company not on Exchange. We CAN e-mail to outside the company. What have I done wrong? Can anybody help?

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by CG IT In reply to Exchange 2003 mail proble ...

So who is the ISP that those who do not use Exchange get their mail from and why type of mail service is it? Sounds like Exchange cant make a connection to the ISP mail server service everyone uses. Another question is do you have ISA server installed with SBS 2003? if not, do you have a firewall installed? Do you have a routher installed?

Another question is, are "others" in your small company logging on to the SBS 2003 domain? If so, why dont they use Exchange? If its a matter of they "like" their email address as it is cuz all their friends know their address, then CAN continue to use the old and use the knew.

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by CG IT In reply to

yes it does. Partially. Do you have a FQDN for your SBS domain? If so, do you have a DNS server that will be authoritative for your domain that can answer internet wide "WhoIS" <>? Your "other" users are sending email to <> but when the email server internet wide send out a "WhoIS" <> no one answers, so mail doesn't get to you.

Next is if you have FQDN DNS resolution, then you need to have port fowarding enabled on your router and foward port 25 inbound and outbound SMTP TCP/IP to your SBS server[which means that you have to use a static IP addressing scheme behind the router so that port 25 traffic can be router to the SBS Server.

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by RFMargheim In reply to

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by RFMargheim In reply to Exchange 2003 mail proble ...

OK here's the setup. Clients use either Outlook or Outlook Express. E-mail from ISP is POP3/SMTP. E-mail addresses are (, incoming and outgoing mail servers are both ( Network has been strictly peer-to-peer, out through a DSL router. I set up Exchange 2003, clients are (username@ourdomain.local) e-mail is still set to ( In Exchange, under E-mail adresses, SMTP = username@ourdomain.local as the default, smtp = is listed second. No ISA server installed, DSL router has the firewall. No, the "others" are NOT logging onto the domain, only engineering dept. Does this answer your question?

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by RFMargheim In reply to Exchange 2003 mail proble ...

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