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Exchange 2003 MS Server 2003 DNS issues

By nathan ·
Okie well I am pulling my hair out I am not sure what this issue is exactly but I suspect DNS issues. I am running windows server 2003 enterprise and exchange 2003 all updated and clean versions. Installs went perfect. Configuration (which I know very little about ) seems to have worked.
Heres the general layout of the network :
internal network is internal.local with 3 DNS serves and 2 ADC, 2 GCS. now I setup 2 servers gizmo.internal.local and sith.internal.local. gizmo is the frontend exchange server and the webserver. Sith is the backend and does nothing else. now I setup gizmo the frontend with another zone for with reverse records pointing to my external IP. I also made records for and ns2 which in reality are the same server for now. Well internally exchange works but in outlook when creating the profile it changes to sith.internal.local. BUT it works. OWA works as well. Now externally when I input and my name it resolves and underlines *but* it changes the to sith.internal.local which as I am sure you can figure out doesnt work! Ummm so the main questions are these:
How do I fix the DNS to not resolve to mail.internal.local
and 2) Why is it resolving to the BACKEND server sith when gizmo is the frontend?
Thanx in advance for any advice!

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by dhoefer In reply to Exchange 2003 MS Server 2 ...

If you've done the traditional FE/BE setup, there are no mailboxes on the FE, so Outlook/Exchange is locating and resolving to the server that contains the user mailbox. I'm not clear on how you're connecting when you say "externally," if it's with a VPN, I'd expect the name to resolve as it is. With RPC over HTTP, I believe the server name remains with the internal id and external address is listed in the proxy information.

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