Exchange 2003 not listed in AD

By adelhier ·
This is what i have going on now. I had a missing AD server and the FSMO and all the other roles plus DNS was all a big mess.

Now while checking the Exchange server there is a small problem. When i make a new user or group and want to make a mail box or anything that uses the exchange components it dose not show on any of the AD servers.

I talked to a friend and he told me i should run /forestprep and /domainprep to fix that problem. I did some reading those command seem to setup the items that seem to be missing.

So I tried doing that this morning and all i got was go to the Control Panel and components there. I did the whole thing right via that command line with the CD in and going to the i386 and doing setup /forsetprep and nothing.

The only way i can add a user it via the exchange server it self.

One more note i do not have SP1 or SP2 installed yet. I need to do a full back up first. I just took over this role and not to happy to see the patches where not added yet.

Any ideas?


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clarify what you mean by

by CG IT In reply to Exchange 2003 not listed ...

when you make a mail box it doesn't show in Active Directory and where exactly are you looking?

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by adelhier In reply to clarify what you mean by

When i use the AD snap in to manage the AD users and what not i do not see any thing for exchange. If i open a user object and i made sure i had advance viewing on i still do not see any exchange options as you normally would on a good install and setup.

If i am sitting at my desk and i open the snap-in for AD to add a new user i do not have the top check box asking me if i would like to make an exchange mail box. The only way i can is by going to the exchange server (which is not an AD server just exchange) use the snap-in that is loaded on that system and add the user there i can make a mail box.

This problem is very odd and i am at the end of my wits trying to track down how to fix this with out have to rebuild the entire AD.


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IT Department Manager

by CG IT In reply to Clarify

if you open up active directory users, go to the users OU right click on a domain user and choose properties, on the user account property sheet, is there any tabs for exchange?

next question, who set this up?

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by adelhier In reply to IT Department Manager

I did not set this up i just was put in to this job.

Some out side person was hired for some time to manage the servers. The old IT director was laid off. He did not know what he was doing and hired some out source contractor to run things for him. This person i have never met so for me to try and contact him it will be hard.

Now i did what you told me on the OU and there is no tabs for exchange. The only thing exchange related is a folder called "Microsoft Exchange System Objects" the one group icon has a big RED X on it and the rest of the icons in the folder have the missing icon image.

So yah exchange is not really listed in AD.


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Exchange is an aware server

by CG IT In reply to Contractor

Not sure what the best course of action is to solve the problem. If you don't have a lot of users, you could start from scratch. If you have a lot of users and a machine laying around you could use, I would backup Exchange, restore on a second machine. Wipe the production machine that will run Exchange. Install W2003 server. Join it to the domain. Install Exchange Server so that it's intergrated with Active Directory. then use exmerge to export user mailboxes to the production exchange server. It's a lot of work though.

I'd have users save any emails and other stuff to PST files just in case.

That's if it's absolutely necessary to have email account created when you create a user account.

If not, I would leave the thing as is if it works and use the Exchange MMC to create user mailboxes. It's a seperate admin task, but if Exchange works and the admin effort is minimal, better to not try and fix it.

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the way I remember is

by hupadhyay In reply to Exchange 2003 not listed ...

that when I installed 'Exchange System Manager' on my PC, it installed 'Active Directory Users and Computers' (ADUC) tool specifically for environment in which Exch2003 was isntalled.

The ADUC that you get on 'Administrative Tools' is not to be used for managing users that have mailboxes.

Both tools are named exactly same and is a cause of confusion.

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