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    Exchange 2003 OMA


    by tayoajayi ·

    We had implemented the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with the following features:

    OWA (\exchange) ( works correctly)
    OMA (\oma) [works correctly]
    and Activesync ( as server name)

    but we have problems with the activesync option.

    We have an internal domain running active directory but externally(on the internet) we have this registered dns name

    The url is mapped to the public IP in our public dns server, where our exchange server is NATted to the address on the PIX firewall.
    During an activesync session, it will ask for user name, password plus domain name( which is normal, but it will go ahead to prompt for another level of authentication which was not pre-configured, if the same credentials is supplied, it will not sync except the domain section is left blank or filled with the local domain name ( then it will synchronize.

    The problem is experienced on next schedulled sync, it uses the credentials supplied on the second authentication to sync, because it does not correspond to the public address, therefore sync fails. but interestingly this does not happen during an OMA/OWA session

    Please, what can i do to resolve this problem.


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      by bcmathis ·

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      I don’t know the answer but, 20 Points isnt going to get one for anyone.

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