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    Exchange 2003 Relay Issue


    by victor ·


    Is it me. Or does Exchange 2003 still allows relay by default. Microsoft claims that its relay is closed but when i check using third party testers on the web, it still allows relay. I been through all the knowledge base article on closing the relay, but still when you check with third party tools, it still allows it. Using the same third party tools in exchange 5.5, it doesn’t allow relay. I really don’t want to be blacklisted so what’s the best option at this point?

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      Reply To: Exchange 2003 Relay Issue

      by simon@srn ·

      In reply to Exchange 2003 Relay Issue

      Ive got the exact same prob.

      Asssume the mail server is on domain. If you send an email to the domain it gets there fine. But if you send an email to AND then ‘jim’ gets two emails. One from your PC and one relay from the exchange 2000 domain.

      Ive looked through books and M$ but can’t find anything. If you try to increase the security you either end up restricting who the users can send mail to. Or who’s email the Exch2000 server will accept.

      if you find a solution could you email me – Thanks

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