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Exchange 2003 Servers

By drmweaver ·
Ok, I have a question. I've come across a business that started out as follows:

1 Primary Server running Windows 2000 SBS with Exchange 2003
1 Member Server running Windows 2003 with Exchange 2003

Recently a new server was added

1 New Member server running Windows 2003

The W2KSBS server was the primary server for DNS, DHCP and Wins.

Changes have been that the DNS, DHCP and Wins has been moved to the first Windows 2003 Server. All operations, functional, etc.. have also been moved to this server. There is nothing left on the First server except Exchange.

What I see is that the exhanges on both servers are replicating each other. (Yes active directory is on all three servers).

If they wanted to remove the exchange server from the first server, is there anything or any procedures needed to do so?

I've shut that computer down for two days, and nothing has gone wrong. It seems to me its just a backup if one server goes down, exhange is always available.

I would like to install this on the new server if that is the case, but would like to know if there are specific instructions in setting this up so that it doesn't bring down the 2nd servers exchange or mess something up.

Thanks in advance.

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I'll take a shot at this one

by Newu In reply to Exchange 2003 Servers

I've never dealt with a SBS specifically but I did have two exchange 2003 servers and I decomissioned one.

If you have moved all of the mailboxes, connectors, etc off of the SBS box you should be able to put the exchange disk in, run through the setup again and tell it to remove exchange. If there is something that you needed to move and didn't it will let you know.

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Exchange 2003

by rcarter In reply to I'll take a shot at this ...

I have a similar situation. I will be upgrading MS 2000 server that host my DHCP and DNS services to MS 2003 server. I am currently running Exchange 2003 on Win2kS and will be also upgrading that server to Win2003 Server. I am actually building a new server to replace the old 2000 server. I also have Win 2003 SBS on a server at a different location. I am hoping that by upgrading that all my networks will recognize the same active directory on all servers (right now they are seperate). I want to know if anyone has experienced a problem with upgrading to 2003 server.

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by Does not Compute! In reply to I'll take a shot at this ...

I have a similar project comming up we have two Exch2000 servers and are looking to go 2003 very soon. I have one server supporting mailboxes and Public folders and one with just public folders. Currently if you down the public folders only server it stops people using email have any of you found this ? I wanted to fix this before I upgrade but have found no clues as to why this should happen

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