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Exchange 2003 setup

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I have inherited a network with a new server running SBS 2003 and an old server running NT 4.0 sp6a. The NT 4.0 server has 10 users and the new server is not in production yet and I'm attempting to implement exchange and some of the other features i.e., fax delivery, etc. I'm looking for a step-by-step of setting up the exchange server and providing a mail box for each of the users. I want to use the exchange service for internal mail only at this time, however, we my want to switch and provide external access as well. The clients currently are using outlook to retrieve mail from an ISP. If someone could direct me to a good reference it would be greatly appreciated.


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by CG IT In reply to Exchange 2003 setup

there is a whole migration white paper from NT to W2003 Small Business Server available from the Microsoft Small Business Server Web site. see this link

Note that the link takes you to the "Upgrading" but if you scroll down to the middle you'll see links to migration paths for NT 4. These migration paths include how to deal with Exchange server running on the SBS server.

Hope this helps for ya.

I will say this, running SBS 2003 in mixed mode and setting up your domain with the NT 4 server as part of the domain with Exchange 4.5 then introducing Exchange 2004 into the mix and moving mailboxes from 4.5 to 2004 seems to be the best path. then just dcpromo demote the NT server OR better yet, upgrade the NT to 2000/2003 server [not SBS server] and have it as a peer DC. I run SBS 2003 with Exchange 2000 and have another W2K server as another DC for redundancy. Works well.

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