Exchange 2003 w/ Blackberry - Deleted Items Reappearing

By stephena ·
Interesting situation. We have several users running Outlook 2003/2007 running in cached mode on Exchange 2003 with BES 4.1. These users will delete mail or move it to a PST from their inbox and the next day when they sign back into outlook the see the same messages reappear in their inbox. Any help would be much appreciated!!

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re Synchronization settings......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Exchange 2003 w/ Blackber ...

If the Synch settings are set to bring stuff back in from the Blackberry to the server instead of the other way around, you will see this behavior.

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Synchronization settings......

by stephena In reply to re Synchronization settin ...

Thanks for the reply ThumbsUp2. When I look at one of the devices, the options in Email settings under Email Reconciliation are
"Delete On: Handheld"
"Wireless Reconcile: On"
"On Conflicts: Mailbox Wins"
Are there settings somewhere else that need to be specified?

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Who runs the Blackberry server?

by CG IT In reply to Synchronization settings. ...

or is this just Blackberry support for Outlook?

Is the latest service pack installed?

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Problem Resolved!

by stephena In reply to Exchange 2003 w/ Blackber ...

The issue we were having was that the users were "Shift Deleting" items from Outlook (as opposed to moving the item to "Deleted Items" folder) and weren't seeing the item deleted from their BB device. Also, a user would move a piece of mail to a PST file and again they would not see it leave the BB device. This is because moving an item to a PST file acts like a "Shift Delete" a.k.a. "Hard Delete".

The way blackberry works is in order for it to remove an item from the device, the BB software has to see it go to the "Deleted Items" folder first and then it will remove the item from the device. A way to fix this is by activating the "Hard Delete" option on the BES server.
1. Launch Blackberry Manager from BES Server
2. click on "Servers"
3. Under "MailStoreType" right click on the server and go to "Edit Properties".
4. Under Properties go to "Messaging".
5. Under Messaging Options change "Hard Deletes Reconciliation" to TRUE.
6. Reboot BES server.

Once this option was activated our Shift Delete function and moving mail to a PST file was working perfectly.

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Same problem and it was already set to true.

by sbailey In reply to Problem Resolved!

I have exchange 2007 SP1 and BES 4.1.6 and have the same problem but the Hard delete Reconciliation was already set to true. Could there be something else that would cause this?

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Same problem - is there a solution?

by ChristophSc In reply to Same problem and it was a ...

Hi sbailey,
I have the same problem and the setting already was set to true.
Did you find a solution?

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