Exchange 2003 - want to change NIC's

By dmcnair ·
I have a Server 2003 w/Exchange 2003 running which has 2 NIC's - a 100MB and a 1GB. It is currently running on the 100MB with static IP settings. I copied the exact settings to the 1GB and enabled and rewired to it (and disabled the 100MB). I can get on the internet and see the network, yet clients cannot connect to Exchange (but I can ping the server). Is there something within Exchange I need to adjust to specify which NIC to use? Thanks in advance!

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by moorezb In reply to Exchange 2003 - want to c ...

Just to clerify how exactly did you disable the 100MB Nic?

Might seem like a dumb question but there are a couple ways you might have to do it.

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Disabling NIC

by dmcnair In reply to Disabled

I disabled it in "My Network Places" properties by right-clicking and choosing "Disable".

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Let me clerify

by moorezb In reply to Exchange 2003 - want to c ...

The reason I ask is because sometimes you have to disable it in the Bios.

If that doesn't work then I would try to bridge the connections. But in your case that might not work.

For most my exchange problems that I can't figure out I go to It's a subscription site. But it is an amazing site for Exchange administrators. I'm on it everyday.

But first try disabling it in the Bios if you haven't. I'm assuming you disabled it from the Local Area Connection settings?

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by Richdoode In reply to Exchange 2003 - want to c ...

When you say you can ping the server, can you ping by the server name?

The problem seems to be a DNS issue. Make sure you and your clients can ping by the server name. If not check the DNS server on your network and make sure there is an entry for the Exchange server still. Make sure that in the properties for TCP/IP the correct DNS server(s) are entered and "Register this connection's addresses in DNS" is checked on the DNS tab under advanced.

If your Exchange 2003 server is a domain controller and/or a DNS server and the name doesn't resolve to an IP address do these steps on your DNS server(s) (possibly the Exchange server).

ipconfig /flushdns Enter
Net Stop DNS Enter
Net Start DNS Enter
Net Stop Netlogon Enter
Net Start Netlogon Enter

ipconfig /registerdns Enter

On the server and then on your own computer run NSLookup from an MS-DOS prompt and see if your Exchange server name is resolved OK or not. If the name and IP address resolve correctly, you're all set to try a client.

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DNS - hmmm

by dmcnair In reply to DNS

I ping-ed by IP. I'll try these - thanks!

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