Exchange 2003 with Multiple domain?

By arturo.a.abbido ·
Exchange 2003 with Multiple domain
I guess posting in this forum is my last resort, I've done/read at lot of info regarding in this topic but I still wasn't able to host multiple domain in our Exchange 2003 Server.

To make it short these are steps that I did:
1. Register a new domain name.
2. Set A host/MX records from registrar website.
3. add the new domain SMTP to default recipient policy of Exchange server.

I dont know what i miss here i hope somebody here could help me. By the way I was able to send email locally and outside of our network using the new SMTP. But when I test sending from yahoo to this SMTP this what happen:

Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

Remote host said: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable [RCPT_TO]

I hope somebody could help I'm so desperate to find solution for this!!

Thank you in advanced

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inbound port forwarding to Exchange?

by CG IT In reply to Exchange 2003 with Multip ...

got to allow it in.

Also, the records you created on the registras authoritative name servers for the domain name, is that pointing to your public IP address?

further, many public mail providers spam filtering software will require certain security requirements to be met before they allow the mail. do you have those configured?

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Inbound port forwarding to exchange

by arturo.a.abbido In reply to inbound port forwarding t ...

Like i said the primary domain can send/receive emails therefore I dont need to change anything from the firewall for the inbound port forwarding.

Yes, it was pointed to public IP and our firewall translated to private ip of exchange server!

Any more ideas?

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by Twors88 In reply to Exchange 2003 with Multip ...

Exchange is limited to the Forest. As long as all subdomains are in the forest, you can have the mailboxes hosted on the same exhange server.

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not entirely true

by CG IT In reply to limted

Exchange can host multiple domains. When Exchange is associated with Active Directory that it is limited to those in that DNS namespace.

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by Twors88 In reply to not entirely true

Exchange can do multiple domains, as long as they are in the same forest though.

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by arturo.a.abbido In reply to Right

It is definitely can host multiple domains but the question is how to configure it?

Any ideas?

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multiple virtual servers.

by CG IT In reply to Definitely

and Exchange has to have those domains listed in the SMTP Connector address space for each virtual server.

Note: Exchange can host multiple domains...

Did you try Microsoft Technet to get KB articles on configuration?

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multiple virtual servers.

by arturo.a.abbido In reply to multiple virtual servers. ...

what do you mean?

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Sorry but if you don't know you need to learn

by CG IT In reply to multiple virtual servers.

To host multiple domains on Exchange, you need to create multiple virtual servers. For each new virtual server that will host a domain, you put the FQDN in the virtual server address space.

That is only one step, DNS also plays an role in hosting mail for multiple domains.

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Rebuild RUSS?

by Churdoo In reply to Exchange 2003 with Multip ...

Did you rebuild RUSS after you modified your default recipient policy in your step 3?

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