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Exchange 2007 32-Bit Evaluation?

By Jax1 ·
I'd like to try the evaluation software in a lab environment on a existing 32-bit computer instead of buying a new system just to evaluate and practice on Exchange 2007.
I'm trying to find the minimum system requirements to run the 32-bit evaluation software, but I can only find the system requirements of the 64-bit version.

What are the requirements (RAM, CPU etc.) to run the 32-bit evaluation?
There will be no heavy load on it. I just want to get familiar with with installation process and the interface and setup and handful of test mailboxes.

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That is because Exchange 2007

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Exchange 2007 32-Bit Eval ...

Is a 64 Bit application and doesn't have a 32 Bit version.

The reason that it's a 64 Bit application is that the 64 Bit software allows more room in mailboxes and more mailboxes as well as far more room for rules and the like to be applied.

When Exchange 2007 was released the 32 Bit versions of Exchange ceased to exist.


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There is a 32-Bit Evaluation Version

by Jax1 In reply to That is because Exchange ...

There is definitely a 32-bit evaluation version because I just downloaded it.

It is made available for the exact reason I downloaded -so people can try the software in a test environment prior to buying new 64-bit hardware.
The production version does not come in 32-bit, but the evaluation-only software does.
The problem is that I cannot find the hardware requirements for the 32-bit evaluation. Obviously, it must have reduced system requirements (RAM, CPU etc.) compared to the 64-bit version or there would be no point to it, but I can't find any link that specifies the differences in requirements to run the "E2K7EN32.exe" trial software vs "E2K7EN64.exe".

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Thats interesting because M$ is saying that a

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to There is a 32-Bit Evaluat ...

32 Bit version doesn't exist and never will but the main difference will be between the OS and CPU type as obviously the Production Version will need to support 64 Bit Processing so you are looking at one of the Xeon Server Platforms in reality with at least 1 quad Core Xeon or more.

As M$ claim that they are not producing a 32 Bit version because it lacks sufficient room for the size & number of Mailboxes and doesn't have enough space to apply rules, if you have a trial copy of the 32 Bit Version you should look at the same Speed CPU and same amount of RAM maybe you can get by with slightly less but the only difference is to run it on a 32 Bit OS instead of the 64 Bit OS that the Production Version is.


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32-Bit Trial of Exchange 2007

by Jax1 In reply to Thats interesting because ...

I went ahead and just tried installing it anyway.

I have a Server 2003 virtual machine assigned 384MB RAM on a 2Ghz Celeron and I was able to install and run the 32-bit Exchange 2007 120 day evaluation.
It runs slowly, but well enough to see the install process and experiment with it.
Obviously it cannot handle hundreds of mailboxes, but I don't need to do anything intensive just to play with the software so that's fine.

The production version requires 2GB RAM minimum on a 64 bit processor running a 64-bit OS, but this 32-bit trial is working with much less.

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That's good to know

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 32-Bit Trial of Exchange ...

Now I wonder why M$ isn't telling any of their partners about this particular Trial Version of Exchange.

I suppose they have their reasons and they want to get the end users to use it alongside the 64 Bit 2003 Server application that is available.

Anyway lets know how you get on.



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32 bit Eval or management?

by infoserv In reply to That's good to know

As I understand it, this file (download) is for the 32 bit management software of the 64 bit servers. It's meant for XP to manage youe Exchange site. You really can't set up any other roles with this download.


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Dude - Google it - there really is a 32-bit version for testing...

by matt In reply to 32 bit Eval or management ...

Enough said...

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