Exchange 2007 - cannot retrieve mail from and external POP3 server

By egarbowski ·
We recently installed a new internal Exchange 2007 server and since it went live, are no longer able to retrieve mail from an external third-party POP3 server (different domain) through Outlook 2003. Our SMTP gateway receives all email first and routes it to the Exchange 2007 server for mailbox delivery.
I've tried setting the external POP3 domain up in the 'Accepted Domains' in the Hub Transport settings for the Organization, and then email can be retrieved but no longer able to be sent to that domain. The email is obviously getting to the Exchange server but it will not route it to the mailbox.
How do you you set this up to work properly in Exchange 2007?

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Exchange 2007 retrieving mail From a POP3 mail provider

by Support In reply to Exchange 2007 - cannot re ...

Hmm and perhaps if we find the answer to this we could all know the meaning of Life !!
The Internet is full of very bright people who use the latest tech stuff and look down their noses at us who, for want of a better word use "Bush Mechanics"
Many people who do support like U ,want the simple things of life and like me have moved with our customers through the ranks of peer to peer to sbs/2000/2003 32bit-64bit and are used to the way mail was picked up. As with our ISP's. But William Gates's robotrons look for new ways to F#$%%^ up the balance of things by dropping what THEY feel are not needed. I have been on the net for 2 days and have seen 10's if not 50 people who require that simple GUI that SBS 2003 had for POP3 -not the ffing command line POP3 connectors in 2007 exchange- to external ISP's who collect their mails for them and wait for them to be picked up. Many of us dont have our own MX records because we run ADSL links in countries run by NAZI clones who feel they should give us what they think we need and will not allow free enterprize- My little winge! - Any hoo I have the same problem and am waiting for a POP3 2007 exchange Messiah !!! Ciao

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