Exchange 2007 Deployment Questions

By powlboyjr ·
I have a couple questions concerning the deployment of Exchange 2007.

Would you rename your domain to the desired name (e.g. before you install Exchange 2007, or are there any other suggestions? One suggestion I brought up to my superiors is create a second forest (company.local exists already).

Is the Exchange 2007 Server suppose to be dedicated? By the way, I have been told by a few computer people that you need two dedicated servers (1 internal and 1 external).

My current work environment is as follows. We are planning on hosting our own website and exchange email server. It is named company.local (website and email domain name will be and forest functionals level are set to Windows Server 2003.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Exchange 2007 Deployment ...

Unless you are running all Outlook clients, you will need at least 2 servers, one to serve as a bridgehead/OWA server and another to be the back-end serrver.

Exchange installs in the forest, so if you have a root-peer domain, you could run-into issues if you don't correctly configure the settings.

I'd recommend that you go out and pick up a copy of Exchange Server 2007 Unleashed or Mastering Exchange 2007 and study up befoer deployment. Exchange is very unforgiving if deployed incorrectly.

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thank you

by powlboyjr In reply to Answers

I already picked up the microsoft press version of Exchange 2007 Administrator's companion. I was thinking about getting the Exchange Server 2007 Unleashed also.

We do have all Outlook 2007 clients.

The reason I asked about the domain name change is because my boss seems to think having our ISP create an alias DNS for "" will fix our problem resolving to "company.local".

Thanks for your help.

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by scott_heath In reply to thank you

You need an MX record (Mail eXchange) for that points to (or whatever you choose to call it) and there needs to be an A record for that points to an internet facing Exchange server (or a properly configured ISA server) with the correct role installed. If you are using one server for all the roles you just need the appropriate port open, or use some sort of NATing. There is a few different ways to get the job done.

Like I said, I'm no Exchange expert, but I've gone through the basic config a couple time just fiddling.


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I agree with BFilmFan

by scott_heath In reply to Exchange 2007 Deployment ...

Exchange is a bitter lady. If you aren't even really sure how you AD domain relates to your email domain, I don't think you should do this on your own. Muddling through may result in some amount of success, but you can really hurt yourself security wise. I recommend you hire someone to do the install so your mail server doesn't end up as the worlds most popular spam relay.

I hope that doesn't sound mean, but deploying Exchange is not as easy as it pretends to be. I have worked for two different companies with annual revenue in excess of $2 billion that opted to bring in professional Exchange deployment teams, so it's nothing to be embarrassed about. I myself have moddled together test environments to play with features and I have done some mailbox administration, but I would never build the whole enviroment on my own without some serious training first.


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by powlboyjr In reply to I agree with BFilmFan

Don't worry about sounding mean. I am at a very early point in my career (i'm 25) and I have much to learn. Most of my experience consists of theory and what I have upgraded or updated in my current position. I have found that "upgrading what works" does not seem to be the best motto with my current employer, even though some of our current methods and software are over 5 years old.

By the way, we are planning on having a team help us set up this deployment. I think their consultants will be an excellent resource before and after the installation.

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