Exchange 2007 E-mail Address Policy

By Nick_Student ·
Our company has acquired another company. The people from the other company did not have exchange on their site. They are added to our Exchange and I would like to have their old email address to be used along with ours.
I created New Accepted Domain in Exchange and then also I created New E-mail Address Policy specifying certain people based on custom attributes to have and email addresses. I am going to have the MX records also pointed to our spam company.
Here are my question/problems:
1. At first I decided to update our current Email Address Policy and add the new accepted domain with the to be reflected in everybody?s E-mail Addresses Properties. This added to everybody on our Exchange.

2. After some thoughts I decided to create new Email Address Policy and apply it to specific group of people which match specific Custom Attribute.

3. I wanted to update our current Email Address Policy to remove the from everybody?s properties...schedule to update now..and the is still in everybody?s properties.

Where is my mistake here? What would be the reason for the email address policy not the update (I have the Automatically update....based on e-mail policy option checked)?
Is there specific time when the update happens? I thought that this should happen almost instantaneously...

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Exchange Server 2007 Recipient Policies and Accepted Domains

Check on this site to make sure you have everything in place..

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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Exchange Server 2007 Recipient Policies and Accepted Domains

by Nick_Student In reply to Exchange Server 2007 Reci ...

I've done all this as it is described. My problem there is that when I update the current policy it does not remove the addresses I created previously with updating the policy.
Now I am stuck with email addresses for both companies in everybodies properties. It is not an issues since we have the email filtered at another place and users will not be getting messages sent to both addresses.
For some reason when I go and update again the curent Email Address policy to remove the address it does not work....

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EAPs don't remove addresses

by tim_ahearn1 In reply to Exchange Server 2007 Reci ...

I believe EAPs don't remove addresses. If you remove it, the policy just won't be enforced. I believe you can use ADModify to remove those email addresses all at once, though.

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