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Exchange 2007 in a WAN Environment

By TwinkyNZ ·
Hi all,

Greetings from New Zealand and Happy New Year.

I would like to implement an Exchange 2007 Server but would like to find out if it is possible in my current situation.


My company has about 160 email users and 12 sites nationwide and operates in a WAN environment. All Servers are located in our head office in Wellington and all traffic to the WWW is also passed through our proxy in Wellington (primative? Yes)
Each site has a direct 2mbps pipe to the head office.
We are currently using POP3 and running Mailmarshal. Administration is a nightmare, wrongly configured settings by an untrained staff may also be a cause.
we are also slowly migrating all our Phone systems to Cisco VoIP.

I want to install one and only one Exchange Server in the Wellington Head Office.
I have been told that this is impossible in a WAN environment and that we will require one in each site which would not be cost efficient.

I don't understand how a consultant can come to that conslusion.
Obviously in a WAN environment, access to files will be slower and more bandwidth would be used.

Please help me clarify if what I'm doing is possible and help me identify some of my major downfalls of just implementating 1(one) Exchange 2007 Server Enterprise Edition?

Greatly appreciated


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Well I can't see that with only 160 workers spread across 12 sites

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Exchange 2007 in a WAN En ...

That it would be much of an issue particularly as everything is already coming though head office already what would be the problem of setting up 1 exchange server and pointing everyone to it for their E-Mail?

After all as everything is already coming through Head office there will not be any increased Bandwidth issues unless some already exist and it would give you one central repository of all incoming & outgoing e-mail to save from and backup as required and also try to control Spam as well.

I can't see a major problem with what you want to do after the setup has been finished it should be relatively easy to accomplish though depending on the Off Site Tech Support that may require a visit to setup correctly if you don't have any tech available at these other sites.

The only possible problem is something that you haven't already mentioned that is in use may prevent this from being feasible. Also will Exchange 2007 have sufficient Mail Boxes available to accommodate the staff and be able to have sufficient size mailboxes available? I haven't seen the 2007 version of Exchange but I believe that M$ are saying that it will be a 64 Bit application so that may be the problem as you will need a dedicated 64 Bit Server to run it on as there is a big lack of available 64 Bit Drivers for other items.

It just might be a better idea to use Apache for Windows as a replacement Mail Server instead of Exchange but that depends on any Contractual Arrangements that your company has with M$.


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Cheers Col

by TwinkyNZ In reply to Well I can't see that wit ...

Thanks for your response Col,

If anything, it will probably save us less on bandwidth and storage with Exchange's Single Instance storage.

since New Zealand is such a small Country, I will probably be visiting each site to ensure a smooth transition.

Just a few answers to your questions.
Exchange 2007 will indeed have enough mailboxes for this organisation.
Our current Mail server is over 4 years old and I already have the budget set aside for replacement.
I am aware that it is a 64bit application and a 64bit server and OS has been selected to accomodate for this.
Although this now leads to the question of compatibility with Outlook clients.
will definitely need to investgate this.

so I guess the short answer to this is question is "Yes, it'll work fine"?

Another question that was brought to my attention, migration.
Is there anyway to migrate email addresses to users in Active Directory instead of manually creating mailboxes for each individual user?
The back of my mind says No due to the inconsistent Naming of Users.

Greatly appreciated if anyone has quick links to help me move forward with this planning.

Regards and Thanks,


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Quick answer Sam

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Cheers Col

As far as compatibility issues with Outlook I don't think so as I've just put in a Server of the SBS Premium variety and it came with 9 CD's one being Exchange and another being Outlook. Exchange is loaded by default and Outlook is an optional Extra in that Package. So it should work.

I haven't noticed any compatibility issues with the copy of Exchange 007 that I'm testing here on a 64 Bit Vista Platform. Just Don't ask why it's a long story. :)

As for importing E-Mail Addresses I would tend to agree but it might be possible to import the complete mailbox for each user from the old server. I'd hit MS Tech Support on that one after all you'll be paying more than enough for the Server OS and then the CAL's/Terminal Services Licenses so make M$ earn some of the money they may have a migration tool currently available or in development that you could use.

I've never migrated from Mail Marshal to Exchange previously so I really don't know what you'll run into but it would be downright painful to have to enter every user manually.


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Inquiry on Project Plan

by bosslymford In reply to Exchange 2007 in a WAN En ...

Hi!just browsing the tech republic when i found out this article. Just wanna know if the said project has been implemented, so we can exchange some infos nd tips in implementing the MS-Exchange 2007 Infra.


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