Exchange 2007 mailbox quota warnings

By jtoscano ·
I have multiple users withing my organization that share a common exchange database. Originally I set the limits of this database to issue a warning at 2GB and prohibit a send and receive at 3GB. For legal reasons we currently employ a no-delete policy on our E-mail. Because of the size restriction on their mailbox the users that share this database have been receiving daily warnings that their mailbox is near full. I have since increased the limits to warnings at 4GB and no send/receive at 6GB but the users are still receiving warnings. In addition when I run a powershell script against any of these user mailboxes the result reveals the original limits and not the increased limits. When I run a powershell script against the database it reveals the increased set limit on the database. Can anyone shine a light on this? My Exchange 2007 build is SP2 version 8.2 build 176.2.

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What do you get

by neilb@uk In reply to Exchange 2007 mailbox quo ...

for the users' UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults property?

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by jtoscano In reply to What do you get
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Ok, so it's not that

by neilb@uk In reply to results

I didn't think it would be that simple.


But you have to hope. I'll keep thinking.

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Appears to be a delay

by jtoscano In reply to Ok, so it's not that

The user did not receive a mailbox warning this morning. So it appears to me that there is a slight delay between the time one increases a mailbox size and when the warnings stop. It is not instantaneous.Question I have is this normal or is there a problem in Exchange?
I opened a case with the MS Exchange group and they do not have a response at the moment.

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as your last post mentions, the changing of size doesn't apply immediately

by CG IT In reply to Exchange 2007 mailbox quo ...

Disc quotas work in a similar fashion. you can change the quota but, users might not get the new quota immediately.

Your problem is more of mailbox cleanup than quotas. Quotas are simply a flag or warning that something must be done. In this case, mailbox cleanup and archiving. Most users don't do this or won't do it but someone has to if your going to set quotas and have a no delete policy.

Sounds like the archiving has to be done on a daily basis. If this isn't practical then the whole quota process needs to be reviewed.

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Microsoft Response

by jtoscano In reply to as your last post mention ...

This is because Quota settings are stored in the Active Directory service and Exchange Server periodically reads the information in Active Directory to determine whether any changes were made to these limits. By default, Exchange Server caches this information for a period of two hours (120 minutes), after which it re-reads the information in Active Directory. So to speak, it may cost at most two hours for the change take effect. You could simply restart Exchange Information Store service to refresh the cache, but this is not recommended because restarting IS service will cause established MAPI sessions to Exchange lose.

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